SARMS for females

SARMS - Dosing for women.

GW-501516 (Cardarine) - can be taken at full 1ml dosage. Fantastic product for women. Burns fat and increases endurance at the gym; so much so, that people will be asking what you are taking. The performance increase is that good.


SR9009 - can be taken at full 1ml dosage. SR9009 is a good product but it needs to be taken 4 times a day, which is quite difficult for some people. Therefore Cardarine is the better product to use. Those who use SR9009 usually do so as a stack with cardarine when they need to burn a lot of fat fast.


LGD-4033 - can be taken at full 1ml dosage, but you must start at a 1/2 ml daily dosage for two weeks before moving up to a full dosage. If you are 55kg or less in body weight we would recommend sticking to the 1/2ml daily dosage. 
If you feel light headed or get head acres or find it hard sleeping at night, lower the dosage down and the symptoms will go away after a few days.


RAD140 - taken at 1/2 ml dosage. RAD140 is a pure testosterone booster. It will increase strength and build lean muscle better than anything else.


YK-11 - taken at 1/2 ml daily dosage. This is a great product for women as women have a very low genetic threshold for the size their muscles will naturally grow and YK-11 lets you bypass that. Must be taken with either LGD-4033 or
RAD140 as you still need something that makes you grow. YK-11 simply blocks the myostatin that limits muscle growth.


MK-2866 - can be taken at full 1ml dosage. Stops muscle wastage and is a great product to use when stripping fat as it will help preserve muscle loss.

So what individual SARSM are best for women?
(Use dosing levels as recommended above)

RAD140 for lean muscle growth 

Cardarine for fat burning

MK-2866 for women over 50 or any woman younger than 50 who are already suffering muscle wasting


So what are the best SARMS stacks for women?
(Use dosing levels as recommended above) 

Lean muscle growth

RAD140 and Cardarine for lean muscle growth and endurance. 

Fat burning

Cardarine and SR9009 for fat burning.


Cycles and Post Cycle Stand Down for women

SARMS should be taken in 8 to 12 week cycles.

12 weeks is the preferred cycle length for optimal results.

Followed by a 4 week stand down from SARMS. No PCT for women is necessary.

After the 4 weeks stand down you can start another 8 to 12 week SARM cycle.

Please note that women do not need to take Nolvadex for PCT (this is only needed for men).

We know that some women use Nolvadex as a means to reduce fat during training but it has side affects and we do not recommend its use for this purpose, especially when products like Cardarine are available that do a much better job of reducing fat and does not have side effects.

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